The page for my essays on various topics. Nb. my work on linguistics is not included here but has its own page here. Shorter and less refined ramblings can be found on my blog.

Note also that some of these essays were written quite some time ago and I may no longer agree with everything they say!

List of essays currently uploaded

Some thoughts on language teaching in schools (2016)
The gender of the Holy Spirit (2015)
Conlanging and the novel (2013)
Worldbuilding (2010)
The Half-Human Doctor (2009) - a Doctor Who essay
Twilight: An Honest Review (2009)
An essay on diachronics in fictional language construction (2006)
The Population of Wizarding Britain (2005) - a Harry Potter essay
So, where exactly are Puddlemere and Queerditch Marsh? (2004) - a Harry Potter essay